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At TB Blast Cleaning, we’re your one-stop shop for surface restoration and beautification. We offer a comprehensive range of services tailored to your specific needs, whether you’re a homeowner looking to revitalize your property or a professional requiring high-quality vehicle restoration.

Our convenient mobile services bring the power of cleaning directly to you. We specialize in brickwork, oak beams, and stone cleaning using both traditional sandblasting and the innovative vapour blasting technique. Sandblasting effectively removes stubborn layers of paint, graffiti, and grime, while vapour blasting offers a gentler approach for delicate surfaces. Both methods restore the natural beauty of your property, leaving behind a clean and fresh appearance.

Located in Hailsham, East Sussex, we proudly serve a wide area including Uckfield, Heathfield, Lewes, Haywards Heath, Seaford, Crowborough, East Grinstead, Eastbourne, Ashford, Hastings, and Brighton. Our commitment to quality and customer satisfaction is unwavering. As a trusted and fully insured company, we possess a proven track record of delivering exceptional results. Our experience extends to working with reputable companies like Osborne Energy on behalf of Wealden District Council. This experience ensures your project is in capable hands, regardless of its size or complexity.

Quality Results, Fast Turnaround, Competitive Prices

At TB Blast Cleaning, we go beyond offering a variety of services. We offer a commitment to exceeding your expectations. Our skilled technicians have extensive knowledge and expertise in both sandblasting and vapour blasting techniques. We will work closely with you to understand your specific needs and recommend the most appropriate cleaning method for your project. This ensures optimal results while maintaining the integrity of your surfaces.

Vapour Blasting

Want a gentler, more precise way to clean and restore your surfaces? Look no further than vapour blasting! This eco-friendly process uses a pressurized water and abrasive mixture to achieve exceptional results. Unlike harsh sandblasting, vapour blasting creates a smooth, satin finish without damaging delicate materials. It’s perfect for everything from restoring antique furniture to cleaning intricate car parts. Discover the power of vapour blasting and bring your surfaces back to life!


Want a durable, high-quality finish that looks amazing? Look no further than powder coating! This innovative technique replaces traditional liquid paint with a dry powder that electrostatically adheres to surfaces. Baked to perfection, powder coating creates a tough, chip-resistant finish that’s perfect for everything from bicycles to appliances. Plus, it’s eco-friendly, reducing solvent waste. Discover the power of powder coating and elevate your projects to a whole new level!

Mobile Sandblasting

Forget hauling materials or waiting for appointments! Mobile sandblasting brings the power of surface cleaning directly to you. This on-site service tackles rust, paint, and grime with precision, restoring your metal, wood, or brick to its former glory. Breathe new life into old projects, prepare surfaces for refinishing, or tackle tough cleaning jobs – all from the convenience of your own location. With mobile sandblasting, a smooth, refreshed surface is just a phone call away.


Sandblasting, also known as abrasive blasting, is a powerful cleaning technique that utilizes a pressurized stream of sand to scour surfaces. This industrial workhorse tackles stubborn dirt, rust, paint, and even graffiti, leaving a smooth, prepared base for further work. From restoring antique furniture to prepping bridges for repainting, sandblasting breathes new life into a variety of materials. While powerful, it requires skilled handling to achieve desired results without damaging the underlying surface.

Surface Preparation

Unlocking a flawless finish: Surface preparation sets the stage for exceptional results in painting, coating, or bonding.

Aim To Beat Other Quotes

TB Blast Cleaning offers mobile sandblasting and powder coating with a commitment to competitive pricing. Get a quote and see how we can revitalize your surfaces for less.

Excellent Customer Care

TB Blast Cleaning goes beyond blasting. We offer exceptional service, ensuring your satisfaction throughout the process.


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